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Fruit vase Kolarz 2018 0365.96.Au
product code: 888317
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Scheme Fruit vase  Kolarz 2018 0365.96.Au Loft / Fusion / Vintage / Retro
50 cm
50 cm
15 cm
Product Specifications
Dimension with package0.05 m3
Product colour
Glass / Acrylic

Loft / Fusion / Vintage / Retro

Combining the incompatible: the Viennese chairs, lamps by Philippe Starck, the bathroom in the style of hi-tech and Empire-style doors. All of this is eclectic and is called "fusion».
By combining several trends in a single interior design it is possible to create a sort of "artful chaos" that is the "Fusion" style. However, it is not that simple. Fusion implies extraordinary ideas that transcend the commonly accepted stereotypes. Fusion is an experiment. There are no rules when creating a Fusion interior, for there cannot be. It is a mix of styles, each time with different ingredients and in different proportions. That's why a Fusion-style interior cannot be copied - the style itself does not allow any copying. It opens up great opportunities for creativity and can satisfy widely varied tastes and requirements. Fusion likes the daring. It often incorporates seemingly unmixable items that we're used to seeing in specific interior styles: Classical, Baroque or even High-Tech.

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Fruit vase Kolarz 2018 0365.96.Au
product code:888317
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